How To Find The Best Home Renovation Companies

Are you considering hiring a contractor for home reonovation? Here’s how you are gonna save MONEY, HEADACHE and Disaster!

So prior to being the DULY ELECTED SHERIFF OF THE INTERNET I was a construction worker. I worked on houses remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces and outdoor grill areas. I specialized in the installation of granite, quartz and recycled glass countertops. For 6 years I was in and out of hundreds of homes. I eventually moved into sales and doing estimates and worked my way through nearly every position the small business I worked for had to offer.

All these years later I am incredibly thankful for the lessons I learned working this manual labor job. In this particular case what to WATCH OUT FOR when dealing with contractors or sub contractors. It’s pretty easy for me to spot a shady company but if you aren’t quite as practiced at it HERE are the 5 RED FLAGS that should make you run the other way in terror if you encounter them!

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